It happens too often that your valuable pictures are used on the internet without your permission. We offer the tools and technology to track these infringements and act against them. We created automated actions to remove websites from search results, block them from the internet and, best of all: send notices requesting indemnification.

Try it! Send 100 pictures and we provide a detailed report FOR FREE.

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Press agencies

100.000 images or 10 million or more. We scan the entire image collection. Our robot searches the internet for each picture and shows where it is used. This often results in a long list of infringements. To efficiently work with these results, we have filters such as whitelisting, reporting per country, per language, … We also filter social media.

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Trade marks and brands

Our technology serves different purposes. We provide a clear insight in the online use of your logo. Where is it used and in what context? Is it harmful to your name and reputation? Is your company affected by counterfeit and the sale thereof on the internet? Or do other companies use your name to sell their own products? Our technology ends this. We detect the online shops and websites with counterfeit and remove them from the internet with automated tools.

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