Upload your pictures to our search engine or send them to us and we will upload them. 100 or 5000 pictures? The upload process is quick. The scan automatically starts after the upload.


Within 24 hours we search the internet for duplicates of all your pictures. The results are stunning. We find even photoshopped pictures. Even a small part or copies with added text: we find them.


Handy to view results per country or per website. Did you grant permission to certain websites? Add them to the white list and they disappear from the results.


Clear reports of the infringements. You can quickly sort them per domain and you immediately spot how many of your images are used on the same website. Do you prefer to have different reports? We can tailor them to your liking.

Action & monetize

As your distributor, we contact infringers and offer them a legal license to redress the copyright infringement. We are your distributor who turns infringers into paying customers.


If we successfully sell a legal license, we report and pay. You receive a detailed account. Clear and transparent, we love it!