Photo archive

We scan your entire archive for copies on the internet. It is amazing how many pictures are used without your permission. Many websites and companies have been using your images for years without having a license.

New revenue streams

As your distributor, we contact infringers and offer them a legal license to redress the copyright infringement. We are your distributor who turns infringers into paying customers. This generates substantial additional revenues.

Legal knowledge

Is it difficult to find an amicable solution? We offer global legal support. We have a partner network across the globe and that allows to initiate legal proceedings anywhere on the globe.

Huge volumes

No matter how huge your database is, we can handle it. 10.000 or 10 million pictures, our robot reports each infringement with care.

Proof of concept

Do you doubt our amazing service? Send 500 pictures and we provide you with a detailed report of infringements and an estimate of your missed revenue.

Future proof

We don’t belief in a one time scan, but look to the future. We can agree to check your pictures on a regular basis. If new infringements occur, we send you an alert with the details.