We protect your brand and search for counterfeit

Protect your brand

You invest tremendously in your brand and don’t want your corporate identity to be misused online. Our servers search the entire internet and report on the usage of your logo and product images. You receive monthly reports.

If your logo or products are displayed on websites that are not entitled to use it, you can initiate a procedure to have them removed with one single click. You can even remove them from Google search results.

Brand image: avoid negative association

We screen your logo and product pictures against the most common url blacklists (porn, gambling, warez …) and custom lists compiled specifically for your brand. If they appear on such a website, you receive an alert.

Maintain your brand

You can also use Graphics Detective to remove obsolete product images from the internet and have them replaced with the current versions.

Anti counterfeit

Image Detective is an effective tool to combat the online sale of counterfeit materials. By searching images online of your products and logo’s, we show the e-commerce sites where your products are sold. In case of infringements, we have procedures and means to have them removed from the internet.


Just launched a new campaign? Graphics Detective allows you to track its progress by reporting on the spreading of the images used in the campaign. Indeed, image tracking is the best way to evaluate the success and reach of a campaign. Our search engines provide custom made reports.

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